Admin & Ministry Team

The Ministry Team consists of clergy and Licenced lay ministers of the parish, but in fact all baptised Christians are in ministry of some kind. The principal office-holders are Churchwardens and Parish Councilors.

Wardens for 2019 are:

Pat Whitford (Vicar's Warden), Joe Sang (People's Warden) and Heather Walley (People's Warden)

Parish Councillors for 2019 in addition to the Wardens are:

Roger Colvin (Assistant Treasurer), John Marks (Parish Treasurer), Judy Godfrey (Parish Secretary), John McInnes, Barb Penniceard, Helen Steogen.

Ministry Documents

>Click here for Parish Code of Conduct

>Click here for table of Clearances for Ministry

>Click here for Procedures for clearances

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>Click here for Diocesan Vision Statement