Covid-19 advice and restrictions

  • MUSIC CAFE at St John's - cancelled until further notice

We encourage parishioners to conscientiously practice social distancing, not just for your own personal safety, but also for protection of more vulnerable members of our community.

Strange as it may seem this is a way of loving our neighbour in these challenging times!

>Caring for self and others in times of crisis - helpful tools and tips

(from Northeastern University, USA, courtesy Rev Sheridan Hannah)

A prayer for use in this time of crisis:

Lord Jesus Christ, healer and friend, come and care for all of us through the danger and uncertainty of the coronavirus epidemic.

To people who are sick, bring healing. To people who are displaced, isolated, or cut off from family, friends or work bring comfort and companionship. Work with medical staff as they care for the sick, and protect them from harm.

Give skill and fruitful research to scientists and researchers as they search for treatments, prevention and cure.

To public health authorities give wisdom to decide the best ways to manage both this crisis and our anxieties. When communities are fearful, give a calm spirit, and kindness to neighbours and strangers.

Through this testing time and through all the risks we face together, teach us again how we can love one another as you have loved us. We pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Face masks

Hand sewn cloth face masks (re-usable) are available for sale from the parish Op Shop St. James .

Please contact Pat Whitford 0418 520 206