St James, Drysdale

Every Sunday except 5th of month
10.30 am Holy Communion

St John's, Portarlington

Every Sunday except 5th


9 am Holy Communion
 St Pauls, St Leonards

Every Sunday except 5th of month
5 pm Service with UCA
(7 pm Daylight Saving Time)

 Normally when a 5th Sunday in the Month

10.00 am  Service alternating between St James' and St John's 
(please check calendar page)

Additional Services

8.30 am Tues - Friday: Morning Prayer at St James', Drysdale
10 am Tues: Holy Communion @ St Johns, Portarlington
11 am First Tues of the month Service @ “Drysdale Grove”, Drysdale
11 am First Thurs of the month Service @ Arcare, Portarlington
11 am Fourth Wed of the month Service @ “Homestead” Aged Care, Wallington (3rd in December)

Please contact the Vicar for enquiries about Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals